Through a Crack in the Door

Through a Crack in the Door

Through a Crack in the Door takes us deep into the psyche of both the victims and the perpetrators of a terrible and violent crime. From the beginning, we know more than the police and discover that nothing is quite what it seems. Five-year-old George witnesses the initial crime, but how guilty was his father? And what effect does the death of a bad husband have on Rachael? Can she now live a better life without him? Or are she and George still at risk?

The whole family is impacted by the initial shock of the murder, followed by revelations that rock everyone’s worlds.

Out of the uncertainty and fear of an unsolved crime, new friendships blossom; and an old love is re-kindled.

The plot is full of delicious twists and turns and powers along making this an un-put-downable page-turner.

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