Best Way Out

Best Way Out

Best Way Out imagines a future where assisted death is a right for anyone over seventy-five.  In South West London, Dr Alan Fordyke welcomes six guests who have chosen to end their days in style and comfort at Leeway Lodge, the euthanasia clinic he has worked so hard to establish.

Traditionally, when your central characters are approaching death they are anxious to try and avoid the inevitable, but in Pat Garwood’s Best Way Out,  this is their choice, and of course they are free to leave Leeway Lodge at any time. This is a refreshing new take on death and the right to choose when we die. The tension is electric, as we approach the moment of truth, with anticipation, relief and even a sense of excitement.

As with her second novel Walnuts, Pat takes us into the heads of her characters and we see the world through their eyes. Childhood memories, past loves and losses, triumphs and challenges, are interwoven into the events of their last evening.

Best Way Out is a celebration of life, of age and experience, of racial and sexual diversity, and of a ‘good’ death.

It challenges us all to look at things a little differently.


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